Chiropractic Video Marketing

Time To Face Facts . . .

Incorporating promotional videos into your chiropractic marketing, content and social media activity is no longer an option.
It’s downright CRITICAL to your business’ survival and long-term success!
The problem is that most Chiropractors lack the software and/or skills to create truly captivating videos…
And having quality promotional videos professionally created for you isn’t cheap!

At HealthProVid we create high quality, MIXED-MEDIA promotional videos for Chiropractors to cater for all budgets.


Our Video Production Services Make it Easy and Affordable.

Our video packages make it easy for any size business to get started with video marketing. With VidPro, you can always expect high quality marketing content at an unbeatable price!   There are countless ways to use online business videos to promote your products and services…

Video Types



  • Assumes the viewer already understands the product or service.

  • Gives the viewer reasons why they should buy your product or service.

Uses: Excellent for branding and creating a desire for the product or service.

Length: 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Example Of A Promotional Video



  • Explains a product or service.

  • Includes details or a demonstration

  • Helps the viewer understand what the product or service is and why they need it and typically provides some sort of demonstration

Uses:   Sales videos for product launches for sales or services.

Length:  2:30 minutes or longer

Example Of An Explainer Video



  • Provides instruction on how to do something or allows you to effectively illustrate a concept. Also used for FAQ’s or “About Us”.

  • Single or series of videos.

Uses: “How to” with step-to-step instructions, customer service, create top of mind awareness for product or service.

Length:  As long as it needs to provide instruction.

Example Of An Educational Video

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