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Video will very soon drive 90% of all Internet traffic and this creates an opportunity for Chiropractors to use video to open the doors to opportunities to both educate and engage new and existing patients.

Yet, despite its growing prevalence, many Chiropractors still seem to shy away from this powerful marketing tool. Recent studies show, those who pass on video do so for one of the following three reasons:

  • They don’t believe they have the budget to create ongoing videos.

  • They don’t have any ideas on what to produce.

  • They don’t have the necessary equipment and/or time.

Fortunately, we live in a brave new world. These excuses don’t hold as much weight as they once did.

High-quality video is no longer reserved for large corporate businesses. Everyone – everywhere – has the ability to create or access powerful video footage that engages their customers.

 At HealthProVid we are committed to providing Chiropractors with high quality videos to suit all budgets.

Janis Bryden

With a passion for marketing and webdesign, Janis has ventured into the exciting world of video marketing.

 Her vision is to create videos that allow Chiropractors the opportunity to more effectively showcase their products and services so that they can boost their income.